Yoga for Autism and Anxiety

Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness for life skills tools. Assisting anxiety, control, and confidence.

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Empowering your child with:

More About Autism and Anxiety

People with autism can experience anxiety more than people without and my also experience it more intensely. Anxiety is a natural part of  being human and is necessary in many situations. What matters is having the ability to identify and access tools for anxiety, as well as redefining our relationship with anxiety.  With my background as a recreation therapist, I have adapted therapeutic yoga systems for people with autism so they can have access to natural, effective life skills tools directly assisting them with anxiety reduction. Search below for supportive research articles on how yoga helps anxiety.


More about the service

This service isn't your typical yoga. Focusing on strengths and interests of each child, Spectrum Yoga aims to not change anyone, but to supply students with specific strategies in reducing anxiety and building confidence through various life skills tools. Using goal-based breathwork, guided movement, relaxation techniques, and adaptive therapeutic systems, customized goals are tracked to show achievement over time. Let's start with a free initial assessment to learn more about your child and how therapeutic yoga may be the right fit. 


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