What to Expect at Our Classes

  • Small Classes  | Kids class sizes are limited to six to ten students dependent on staffing and type of class. Small classes allow support for each student to get the most out of every session.
  • A Mix of Abilities | People of varying  abilities and needs will be in each class.
  • Movement | Although movement will not consume the entire class, there will be some physical postures and sequences. Dress in comfortable clothing and bring water and a small towel if needed. It is always a good idea to not eat one hour before classes; however, if needed, having a small snack should be fine.
  • Mindfulness | Each class involves a mindfulness activity which may be in the form of a game, guided meditation, or body scans.
  • Non-Heated Rooms | Our yoga rooms are not heated (for many reasons), but with physical movements and games, students can still get warm and work up a sweat. Breaks are incorporated throughout each class and students are encouraged to rest when their bodies need them to.
  • Tools and Resources | Each class provides students with one to two tools to incorporate off their mat and into daily life. Handouts specific to your child are available upon request!
  • Siblings | Siblings are welcome to join! If a sibling is participating, a two for $20 discount will be applied. If a sibling is attending as an assistant to the student, he/she will not be charged.