The Spectrum Yoga® Method

A Unique Service

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Educational | Playful| Specialized

Spectrum Yoga® goes beyond stretch-based and pose-based yoga as you see in many general kids yoga or Occupational Therapy yoga classes. Yoga is a great tool and therapeutic by nature; but, it can do more. With extensive training in yoga therapy and a blend of other fields, we do. Spectrum Yoga aims to see students live their happiest, healthiest, and most independent lives as possible. Discover how Spectrum Yoga is unique from any other yoga program, below.



In most yoga classes, students must form to the class. In Spectrum Yoga classes, the classes are formed to the students.  

The Nervous System

Spectrum Yoga classes and private sessions work directly with the nervous system in  order to calm the system, develop healthy neural pathways, and for nervous system regulation. Dive deeper into how Spectrum Yoga works with the nervous system.


Yes - yoga poses, breathing techniques and other therapeutic tools can exacerbate certain health conditions. With advanced yoga therapy training, Spectrum Yoga understands the contraindications for specific diagnoses. It's important to ask your yoga teacher if he/she has training in this area prior to participating.

More Than Poses

Spectrum Yoga classes utilize techniques from Integrative Yoga Therapy and incorporate far more than the physical poses and general breathwork you see in most kids yoga classes. Spectrum Yoga's mindset is that there is no perfect pose and the poses don't really matter. 

Life Skills

Classes implement life skills and encourage discussion around when and where these tools can be implemented for each student.


Pre and post self-assessments during each class allow students to observe how they feel prior to and after they use a familiar or new tool. 

Fun, Social, & Playful

Although technical, classes are FUN! Students are encouraged to learn tools through play and peer interaction.


Classes are goal-based while incorporating each student's unique goals/needs.

Specialized Training

  • Recreation Therapist - 11 years experience
  • Therapeutic Yoga Instructor - training under Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu
  • Every Kids Yoga Teaching Training
  • Additional Trainings in autism, neurodiversities, adaptive yoga and recreation implementation, kinesiology, and mental health

Therapeutic Yoga differs from general yoga and kids yoga classes and trainings in many ways. Check out the link to learn more!