Stress and Parenting a Child with Autism

Parents of children with autism face different challenges, experiences, and stressors than those parents who don’t have a child with autism. In my August Newsletter, I wrote about stress and parenting a child with autism, but decided to leave out studies. For those who want more info, here are some resources for you:

  • “The implication is that a subgroup of mothers of children with autism is more prone to experience stress...” - Sage Journals

  • “It has been shown that around 30 percent of siblings of autistic children have some associated difficulties in behavior, learning, or development.” and “...the findings the notion that mothers of young autistic children experience more depression and stress than mothers of typically developing children.” - Futurity

  • This study is from 2009 (ten years ago!) and still relevant, today: "Mothers of those with autism reported spending at least two hours more each day caregiving than mothers of children without disabilities. On any given day these moms Autism Moms Have Stress Similar To Combat Soldiers.... What’s more, these moms were interrupted at work on one out of every four days compared to less than one in 10 days for other moms. Despite all of this, mothers of an individual with autism were just as likely to have positive experiences each day, volunteer or support their peers as those whose children have no developmental disability, researchers found." - Disability Scoop

Christine Devereaux