An e-Card Deck!

An e-Card Deck!



Yoga and Mindfulness for Self-Regulation & Calming e-card deck provides 10 strategies in 26 cards. Provided within are instructional cards and just-the-image cards for different learners, various teaching strategies, and endless uses!

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Techniques and (Therapeutic Yoga Categories)

  1. Body Scan (Body Awareness)

  2. Body Mapping (Body Awareness)

  3. Restorative Yoga Poses (Asana)

  4. Affirmations (Mindfulness/Meditation)

  5. Equal Breath (Pranayama)

  6. Observation of Self (Body Awareness and Mindfulness)

  7. Self-Assessment for Social-Emotional Learning (Pranayama and Mindfulness)

  8. Emotional Identification and Expression (Mindfulness)

  9. Self-Acceptance (Mindfulness/Meditation)

  10. Mindful Noting (Meditation)

Primary Intentions

Use these cards at home, in a class, to build/create a class or session, use sequentially, and/or have students pick and choose their own cards/plan. Learn techniques for calming the body and mind including breathwork, mindfulness activities, and restorative yoga poses.


For developmental ages 3+ (some techniques may not be accessible for everyone, at this time. This e-deck provides several beginner level techniques and allows for progression in skill and acquiring more intermediate/advanced techniques overtime.)


View on your smart phone, tablet, computer, or print what you need, when you need!

Printing instructions: Print cards at 5x7, double sided to scale; or full page for those who benefit from larger images and font. Print, laminate, and enjoy the peace!