Interested in Spectrum Yoga Classes or Workshops?

Our specialized classes are Therapeutic Yoga classes, differing from adaptive and other yoga classes, and are taught by an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, RYT-500. Classes are developed primarily for those with autism, adhd, sensory processing challenges, and/or anxiety.

Schools and programs can choose class options from once/month, weekly, and 4 week workshops!

Four Week Workshops & Ongoing Therapeutic Classes Available

  • Breathwork Workshop

  • Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop and Ongoing Classes

  • Life Skills Workshop and Ongoing Classes

  • Custom Workshop and Ongoing Classes

  • After School Enrichment Programming

We adjust all workshops to meet student’s needs focusing on anxiety, self-regulation, attention/focus, social skills, strength, and more through sensory-based therapeutic yoga. (Ages 7+)

Yoga Therapy for Autism and Other Diversities

Yoga therapy is the best option for people with autism, adhd, anxiety, sensory processing challenges, and diverse learning styles. It is vastly different from other yoga types in the length of training, quality of training, and in-depth focuses of the nervous system, pathology, yoga therapy techniques, kinesiology, and client-centered approaches. Yoga Therapy follows a scope of practice which is important in keeping students safe and is the only “type” of yoga that adheres to a scope of practice.


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Spectrum Yoga


“My kids have learned valuable tools and life skills since attending Spectrum Yoga. We love it!”


“After yoga, you won’t argue with your mom all night!”


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“This is better than therapy! And it’s cheaper!”


“(My son) learned how to take deep breaths well on the first visit. He has gotten so much stronger. He also uses one of the meditations to calm himself down when he needs it”