Resources for Parents!

Bringing self-care, mindfulness, and joy into your day and into your home. Check out Spectrum Yoga partners for more resources, too.


For You.

Chemistry of Calm

Chemistry of Calm is one of my favorite books. Full of wisdom, information, and tools this book blends ancient practices and philosophy and modern science while guiding you on a path to encompassing your own chemistry of calm.  


Enjoy meditations for relationships, stress, athletics, cooking, and much more. I can’t say enough about this app. It's been a powerful tool for my personal practice and I’ve also used it with people with special needs, seniors, and people recovering from strokes and traumatic brain injuries with amazing feedback and  results.

These meditation supplies are amazing! We use the bench and cushions for a high quality, durable addition to our meditation practices.


Epsom Salt

This is a big 'ol bag of epsom salt! Known for its therapeutic effects, this epsom salt is the highest quality and is wonderful for sore muscles, detoxing the system, and supporting sleep.

LED Candles

These candles are perfect for cultivating a relaxing environment. Their calming effect is great for a night in and safe around children and pets!

Yoga TX

I LOVE YogaTx!! This YouTube channel offers FREE yoga classes for everyone! Yoga for beginners, stress reduction, bed time, neck pain, back pain, breath and meditation, and calorie burner. Even if you just have 7 minutes, there are classes for you!


For Your Child.

Aurora Master

I LOVE this projector and so do the students! It's an effective calming tool to use right before bedtime, or during the day in a dark room. 

Annaka Harris

Annaka Harris offers free, guided meditations for children. They are an amazing resource for parents, kids yoga teachers, and school teachers to use at home. 

f.lux Extension

This free software is great for everyone and super easy to set up! If you or your child has trouble getting to sleep, I highly recommend it. This app "makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day." It's very simple and after you set it up on your computer, phone, or iPad you don't have to touch it again. 



This is an amazing resource for your kids (and for your own meditation practice!). There are several guided meditations for children including bed time, kindness, and body scan that can be paired with peaceful imagery and soothing musical pieces to support the mindfulness experience.

Zen Coloring Book

Coloring is a powerful tool for processing the day, reducing stress and anxiety, and supporting self-esteem. I use this as a mindfulness activity for the Bedtime Wind Down class and the kids love it. Color at home as part of your child's bedtime routine or as a fun activity for the family!

Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser has many benefits and I love using it with private clients for a Calm Corner. Aside from the aromatherapy, the color of the lighting can change and is very soothing to people with spectrum disorders, anxiety, and those who have trouble winding down from the day.


 For Supportive Information & Shared Experiences.

Autism Spectrum Disorder 

This book is my primary resource for working with kids who have autism. Chantale has incredible insight, tips, and the latest research regarding all aspects of the autism spectrum while cueing in that not all children with autism are the same. 

Autism Life Skills

My second go-to for offering kids with special needs the most important thing: opportunity for independence. This book has helpful tips from adults with autism and includes ten essential life skills every child deserves to obtain to reach his/her fullest potential.

Autism and Mia

The author of Autism and Mia, Jamie Ohmer, is the mother of a little girl who has recently been diagnosed with autism. Her blog looks into their lives working together with this diagnosis. Jamie’s honesty and vulnerability powerfully connects her readers, genuinely welcoming them into her and her daughter’s lives. Cheering Mia on, smiling, and tearing up are common reactions as each short, but beautifully detailed piece is read.


All resources mentioned are offered based on parents of kids with special needs and my personal experience and growth from each. As an affiliate, I may make a small amount of money for referrals of some of the above links. This helps me continue to offer quality classes and outreach to local agencies and families. If you are questioning this process in anyway, please feel free to find each product through a new search. Either way, I hope you find value, support, and expansion from each. Thanks for your support!