e-Card Decks

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Self-Regulation and Calming e-Card Deck

10 techniques. 26 cards. Endless uses!


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Chair Yoga e-Card Deck

For those with all the ABILITY and for classroom settings.

Lesson Plan Included.


Guided Meditations

MP3 and PDF script download included with each Mindful Mini.

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Body Scan

A two-minute guided meditation for body awareness - MP3 file and script included! (Beginner-level) Use this as an entry point to guided meditations and to see if your child or students are ready for the other Mindful Minis.


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Color Visualization for Emotions

A five minute guided meditation for social-emotional learning - MP3 file and script included!


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Muscle Relaxation

A three minute guided meditation for body awareness, mind-body relaxation, and practice in observing physical emotional expression - MP3 and PDF script included!


Social-Emotional Learning Tools

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What Emoji Am I?

A Mindfulness and Check-In Tool for Emotional Learning and Expression

A 6 page PDF.



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15 Fun and Educational Ways to Use the e-Card Deck!

6 games and 9 educational uses are provided. For use with the e-Card Deck for Self-Regulation and Calming or any other card deck you may have. Enjoy!

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Mindful Mini: Body Scan

Use this brief guided body scan as a foundation to mindfulness and meditation while practicing body awareness. Enjoy!

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e-Guide to Breath and Self-Regulation

A FREE Guide!

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For more yoga and mindfulness resources and for resources for you as a parent or professional in this space, click here.


Spectrum Yoga e-Gift Card!

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Thank you for supporting yogis with autism! The Resources We Love section includes affiliate links and helps support keeping therapeutic yoga services affordable and accessible to those with autism, diverse needs, different backgrounds, and varying abilities.