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Spectrum Yoga Private Sessions


Live life fully.

Self-discovery and life skills for people with and without neurodiversities.

Spectrum Yoga provides therapeutic yoga private sessions for youth and adults, ages 5 and up! Private sessions are offered in goal-oriented packages, open to anyone, and are taught in the comfort of your home (20 miles or 30 minute drive from Blush Barre Studios). 

An individual program plan is designed for each client and tools, resources, and weekly plans are provided to assist transferring skills off the mat and into daily life. These individualized, goal-based sessions are designed to meet each individual's specific needs.

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About Therapeutic Yoga Private Sessions

Therapeutic yoga private sessions are open to anyone, goal-based, and designed to meet the specific needs of individuals; whereas is in general yoga classes, students must form to the class. We create goals with you, your child, and other members of your child's team in a collaborative effort to create empowerment and achievement. Private sessions are the best way to receive effective and personalized strategies as well as accomplish significant outcomes, more rapidly.

 An individual program plan is designed for each private client and tools, resources, and weekly plans are provided to assist in transferring skills off the mat and into daily life. These individualized, goal-based sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of each unique person. Packages can be integrated to create a custom package of choice at no additional service fee.

Therapeutic Yoga Private Session Packages


Sleep Support Package The yoga therapy techniques used in this package are individualized and provide lifelong tools to assist quality nights of sleep for happy, productive days.

Anxiety & Stress Management Package Students learn individualized breathing techniques, yoga poses, and other tools for daily use to decrease intensity and occurrences of anxiety and stress. Building a healthy relationship with our anxiety and stress by developing mindfulness techniques and applying tools when needed can be helpful for in the classroom, social parties/events, sports, jobs, transitions, and more.

Strength, Balance, and Coordination Package When we just don't feel strong enough, it's difficult to participate in physical activities such as gym class and riding a bike. Because each plan is customized, your child will engage in fun, adapted, yoga therapy techniques addressing your specific intent of this package while empowering your child and boosting confidence. Goals include riding a bike, participating in gym class, increasing safety, and more.

Breathwork Package Does your child have shortness of breath, shallow breathing, or other respiratory challenges? Breathing effects every system in our body and can impact every part of our day-to-day lives. With this package, a complete yoga therapy Breathing Assessment will be administered and, your child will learn how to breathe effectively and efficiently.

Self-Regulation Package Adapted Yoga Therapy techniques support self-regulation in many ways. This package, as with all others we provide, is customized to your child’s needs. Goals can include: emotion regulation, increased patience, body and mind awareness, and more. This package is perfect for, but not limited to, those with autism, adhd, sensory processing challenges.

What's Included

  • Free Discovery Call

  • Full Detailed Assessment

  • Individualized Treatment Plan

  • Personalized Handouts and Worksheets

  • Continuation Plan: This document includes resources and suggestions to continue progress after our sessions are complete.


  • Initial Assessment 60 - 90minutes: $100

  • Individualized Sessions (minimum of 4 sessions): $65/session

Get Started

Ready to learn more about how therapeutic yoga can support your child with autism, adhd, anxiety, and/or sensory processing challenges? The first step is to schedule time to chat over the phone (this is your free discovery call!) and complete a short form so I can learn more.