We all have unique needs and goals.

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Private Sessions

Therapeutic Yoga & Recreation Therapy

For children and adults, ages 4 and up!

For anyone with and without neurodiversities. 

Taught in the comfort of your home! 

What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic yoga private sessions are goal-based and designed to meet the specific needs of individuals; whereas is in general yoga classes, students must form to the class. We create goals with you, your child, and other members of your child's team in a collaborative effort to create empowerment and achievement.

What's Included?


An individual program plan is designed for each student and tools, resources, and weekly plans are provided to assist your child transfer skills off the mat and into daily life. These individualized, goal-based sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of your child, assisting with, but not limited to: 

  • Free Initial Assessment
  • Individualized Plan
  • Customized Private Sesssions
  • Care Coordination: I reach out to all desired members of your child's team so we can work together in supporting your child's goals.
  • Personalized Handouts and Worksheets
  • Continuation Plan: This document includes resources and suggestions to continue after our sessions are complete.

Therapeutic Yoga Private Session Packages

Sleep Support Package           


This specialty 8 week package is customized to your child, to directly improve sleep quality and duration. The sleep techniques used in this package are individualized and will provide you and your child lifelong tools to assist quality nights of sleep for happy, productive days. 


Stress & Anxiety Management Package


In this 8 or 12 week package, your child will learn breathing techniques, yoga poses, and other tools specific to him/her, effective for reducing anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety are powerful feelings, but they don't have to take over. Having tools to alleviate these flight or flight responses are helpful for life, including the classroom, social parties/events, sports, jobs, and more.  We'll build a skills tool belt for emotional independence for stress and anxiety management.

Strength, Balance, and Coordination Package


When we just don't feel strong enough, it's difficult to participate in physical activities such as gym class or riding a bike, or even become motivated to want to get some movement in each day. In this package,  you and your child will receive individualized, safe, fun movements as well as tools to continue work at home. Because each plan is customized, your child will engage in games and therapeutic activities that will accomplish your specific intent of this package while  empowering your child and boosting confidence. 

Therapeutic Yoga Packages Pricing

6 Week Package

Cost/Investment: $525

Pricing includes:

  • Trip fee
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Care Coordination
  • Customized handouts

8 Week

Cost/Investment: $700

Pricing includes:

  • Two additional weeks (from 6 week package) of education, team collaboration, and resources
  • Trip fee
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Care Coordination
  • Customized handouts

12 Week

Cost/Investment: $1050

Pricing includes:

  • Six additional weeks (from 6 week package)  of education, team collaboration, and resources
  • Trip fee
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Care Coordination
  • Customized handouts

Recreation Therapy Private Session Packages

Healthy Cooking Package

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Independent cooking is an essential skill for life beyond the classroom and can be implemented at early ages.  In this 12 week package, your child will learn how to cook and prepare healthy snacks and/or lunch/breakfast meals.  Kitchen safety will be a large piece of this package as well and will be implemented progressively. Spectrum Yoga uses the Healthfully Independent Method to support your child's journey towards independence. Your child will receive recipes and guides specific to his/her diet, cooking skills level, and preferences.

60 Minute Sessions: 12 Week Package = $1,300 (includes all ingredients for 12 weeks and recipe guides - for a total value of $280). Add grocery store navigation, shopping, and budgeting for an extra fee.

90 Minute Sessions: 12 Week Package = $1,800 (includes all ingredients for 12 weeks and recipe guides - for a total value of $280). Add grocery store navigation, shopping, and budgeting for an extra fee.

Custom Therapeutic Recreation Package

creative projects.jpg

This package is for people with specific goals. After an initial assessment discovery session I will incorporate strengths, interests, and goals to create a plan using recreation therapeutically to bring about positive change in desired areas. Common goals include:

  • Independence in daily schedule/routine
  • Safety Skills (at home and in the community)
  • Money Management
  • Discovering non-tech hobbies and interests
  • Movement and exercise for physical and mental health

50 minute session = $70; 8 week package = $550

Ongoing Private Sessions

My ultimate goal is to not have clients. I enjoy the process of providing guidance and tools and witnessing clients take these and become independent in them. However, I understand the need for ongoing support to keep on track of personal goals and to stay consistent. Because of many requests for this I now offer ongoing private sessions. 

  1. Ongoing private sessions are offered to those who have participated in an 8 week package and want ongoing support.
  2. These private sessions do not include care coordination, handouts/materials, or documentation
  3. Therapeutic Yoga and Therapeutic Recreation Fee: $65 per 50 minute session; this includes $15 trip fee

Who can receive private sessions?


We provide private sessions for children and adults starting at 4 years old and serve people with a spectrum of abilities including, but not limited to, spectrum disorders, sensory processing challenges, Downs syndrome, adhd, pervasive developmental disability, anxiety, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. It is not a requirement your child has a confirmed diagnosis to receive any Spectrum Yoga services, as we all develop at different stages, uniquely.  Individual strengths and interests are incorporated into each private session in order to promote inner strength and confidence, and most importantly, to allow the entire spectrum of a person to be seen and valued.

*Everyone deserves access to yoga, and money should never be an obstacle. Our services are intended for those in need - if your needs exceed your resources, please contact us. 

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