A Mindfulness Lesson Plan

For emotional expression and regulation


1. Initial Discussion

Use the Discovering Emotions card from the Self-Regulation & Calming e-Card Deck to make sure all students can define most emotions (the difference between anxiety, fear, and happiness is sometimes unclear for some students). Implement this step by following the cues on this eCard and adding necessary teaching points as needed.

Allow at least five minutes for this step.

2. Self-Assessment

The What Emoji Am I? tool is a great tool to support mindfulness and emotional awareness, identification, and expression.

This 6 page PDF offers over 20 cues and many activities. Read through before implementing with your child or students and choose the ones that best fit their needs.

Allow at least 5 minutes for this step.

3. Guided Meditation

Enjoy a five minute color and emotion exploration guided meditation.

Use the Feeling Comfortable in Our Bodies eCards to support students in finding a comfortable position.

Allow time for students to get comfortable prior to playing this meditation - about 3 - 5 minutes.

Allow 5 minutes for the entire meditation to play. Pause as needed to allow more time in specific areas.

4. Processing, Silent Meditation, and Settling

Allow a couple minutes for students to sit with allll the emotions without judgement.

The Shifting Perspective card in the Self Regulation & Calming eCard deck has a great poem to read aloud while students continue to rest in their comfortable position from Step 3.

Allow at least three minutes for this step.

5. Final Exploration, Integration, and Sharing

Finish with the coloring and mindfulness activity of body mapping, a final sharing, and a final discussion on what was learned and how to apply it to day-to-day life.

Allow ten minutes for this step.


Materials Needed

A Couple Notes

Use this plan as mini mindfulness activities or as a complete lesson plan. Use these steps daily or weekly for stronger practice in each area. Adapt as needed and enjoy!

For use by:

  • Parents with child(ren) and family at home after school or before bed

  • School teachers for mini mindfulness breaks during the school day

  • Yoga teachers during class or a one-on-one session

  • Therapists at the beginning of a session with a client to support grounding and calming; and/or for use during the session for goals of emotional regulation


Lesson Plans for Body Awareness and Emotional Awareness coming soon!