Healthy Breakfasts Workshop

Beginning September 11!

Teens | Mondays, September 11 - October 2nd 4:45 - 6:00pm

Kids | Wednesdays, September 13 - October 4th 4:00 - 5:15pm

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Improv Workshop

Beginning September 27th!

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Therapeutic Recreation Classes & Workshops

Therapeutic Recreation is the purposeful implementation of recreation activities, with the aim to support and enhance cognitive, emotional, social, and physical functioning and development . My dedication in offering Therapeutic Recreation services lies within the realms of health and independence. It's never too early to learn independence skills and if we can do so healthfully - all the better! All cooking classes use gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free recipes.

Healthy Cooking Classes

For Kids & Teens!


For the past year I have collaborated with a nutritionist in developing an accessible method to teach youth with autism how to cook allergen-friendly, real foods. Veronica, owner of VeggieWize, and I have developed the Healthfully Independent Method which I incorporate into each Spectrum Yoga cooking class. 

Improv Classes

For Tweens and Teens!


Spectrum Yoga partners with Improv teachers Kim Lockhart and Sean Coyle to offer kids and teens with neurodiversities a summer of goal-oriented Improv classes focusing on social skills!  Social skills addressed weekly include problem solving, listening, adapting, relationships, and emotions. On the final  week, Player will pull together everything they've learned and put on a show for parents! 

Sensory Crafting Classes

For Kids & Teens!


Crafting has many benefits for youth with neurodiversities; one of the main ones being sensory input. Spectrum Yoga offers seasonal crafting workshops for youth with autism. Crafting projects are functional and are meant be applied for a specific use after the project is complete. Join the email list for notifications for our next workshop! 

Most Therapeutic Recreation Classes are offered at We Rock the Spectrum in Littleton, CO! 

Therapeutic Recreation Private Sessions are also available.