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Spectrum Yoga® Signature Classes


Spectrum Yoga’s Signature Classes are highly specialized and effective therapeutic yoga classes for those with autism, sensory processing challenges, adhd, anxiety, varying learning styles, and other diversities. Spectrum Yoga classes are kept small and incorporate awareness, pre and post self-assessments, and yoga therapy techniques to empower students in discovering how to accept and manage their bodies and minds. 

Spectrum Yoga is all about teaching yoga therapy tools to support each child off the mat and into the world. In your child’s first class, he/she will learn at least one yoga therapy tool to support an individualized goal.

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Teens Yoga

Ages 13 - 17

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Strong & Calm©

Ages 7 - 12

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Sensory Wind Down©

Ages 7 - 18

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Family Wind Down©

(A 4 Week Series)

Ages 6+

Kids classes ages 4 - 6 are coming soon!

Teens Yoga©

Ages: 13 - 18 (Teens)

Class Description

A movement, mindfulness, social, and educational class implementing life skills focuses, weekly. Life skills addressed:

  • Anxiety Reduction and Self-Regulation

  • Body and Mind Awareness

  • Communication and Socialization

  • Adversity and Empowerment

This class primarily focuses on awareness, calming strategies, being comfortable in your body, and developing personalized strategies for life through fun, active, and social games (both movement and mindfulness). 

This class is best for kids who are looking for opportunities for anxiety reduction practices, socializing opportunities, engagement in communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, and listening), movement, self-regulation, and overall awareness. 

For those looking primarily for extra calming, emotional independence, and strength-based techniques, the Strong & Calm class may be a better fit. Continue to scroll to learn more.

Sensory Wind Down©

Ages: 8 - 17

Class Description

A personal practice using restorative yoga poses, individualized breathwork, ball pressure, and mindfulness activities to create a calming, restorative yoga class for youth to

  • De-stress

  • Process the day

  • Self-soothe

  • Engage in nervous system balancing techniques promoting calming and self-regulation

  • Receive sleep support

This class is each student's own practice and does not involve student-to-student engagement.

Strong & Calm©

Ages: 7 - 13

Class Description

This class is

  • 50% functional strength movement (yoga and functional movement) games/activities

  • 10% emotional independence

  • 40% restorative yoga with personalized calming strategies.

Students seeking the following opportunities may benefit from this class:

  • Strength for specific goals such as riding a two-wheel bike independently, participating in gym class, or physical strength in other areas of life

  • Support with emotional independence (including awareness and expression)

  • Opportunities for relaxation in body and mind

Family Wind Down©

Ages: 6+

Class Description

This family class involves gentle movement, partner yoga, partner Thai yoga massages, breathwork, and restorative yoga poses for a complete wind down for the whole family! 

This class primarily focuses on therapeutic yoga and mindfulness calming strategies for unique opportunities for relaxation. Destress and engage in unique techniques in a low sensory environment while feeling closer and more calm as a family.

Bring your own blanket if preferred and feel free to wear your pjs!