Teaching Colorado's autism community individualized tools for full life engagement.

Small Class Sizes | Life Skills | Individualized

This Isn't Your Typical Yoga!


Neurodiverse & Inclusive

Spectrum Yoga® is a specialized therapeutic yoga program for youth with autism. Unique, specialized classes are designed specifically for people with autism and related diversities, including, but not limited to sensory processing challenges, anxiety, and unique learning styles. Age groups of classes include:

  • Kids (4 - 6)

  • Youth (7 - 13)

  • Teens (14 - 19)

  • Adults (18+) - Day programs only at this time.


A Unique, Specialized Program

Spectrum Yoga® goes beyond general kid's yoga classes. This unique program was developed over a two year time-span in close collaboration with parents and youth and young adults with autism to fine tune its services and approach to both individual and common needs within this community.

We offer several signature and therapeutic yoga classes to meet those needs, including:

Life Skills Yoga©, Sensory Wind Down©, Strong & Calm©, Family Wind Down©, and more.



We empower students to view their bodies and minds as unique and whole, while discovering how to manage them through observation, awareness, and therapeutic yoga techniques. The ultimate goal is for each student to use individualized tools learned in weekly classes to engage in life fully including in relationships, in school, at a job, and in navigating this fast-paced, sensory world day-to-day.

Small Class Sizes

Keeping class sizes small allows us to support each student as their own person while focusing on life skills and individual goals. Students receive a therapeutic service without it feeling like one!


Many of the tools learned in Spectrum Yoga classes are subtle and can be used anywhere, anytime. So... no students don't bust out into a Sun Salutation upon experiencing a trigger at school (or maybe they do!). BUT, they do incorporate a personalized breathing technique, small hand gesture, or other subtle tools that aren't noticeable and that calm the system quickly.

Life Skills & Self Discovery

Life Skills & Benefits

  • Anxiety management tools

  • Self-regulation strategies

  • Sleep support

  • Strength, balance, coordination

  • Social interaction

  • Communication (including listening, verbal, and nonverbal)

  • Focus

  • Discernment and opportunities for student - directed engagement


  • Reflective Vs. Reactive

    • Through body and mind awareness and management. Including awareness and management of emotions, thoughts, and actions

  • Awareness - including mindfulness and "bodyfulness"

  • Empowerment

    • Spectrum Yoga provides a safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them; as well as to achieve and feel successful

  • Listening to body and taking breaks when needed

  • Discovering triggers and how to work with them

Spectrum Yoga off the Mat  

Students can use tools learned in weekly classes at/in:

  • School

  • Public

  • Home

  • Work

  • Programs

  • Relationships

  • Situations

    • Stressful, triggers, social interactions, overstimulated, under-stimulated, trouble sleeping, trouble focusing, nervousness/anxiety, etc.

The Spectrum Yoga Experience

Inclusive |Fun | Diverse

Spectrum Yoga classes and services are inclusive, diverse, and unique. The curriculum blends Integrative Yoga Therapy and therapeutic recreation for a highly specialized and holistic approach to health, wellness, and independence for all students. Therapeutic Yoga does not treat, heal, or cure ailments - it supports each individual as a whole in accomplishing one’s goals. In this support, each student is empowered to engage in their own progress towards wellness. 

Spectrum Yoga Techniques

  • Nervous System Balancing Techniques

  • Breath-Energy Harmonizing Techniques  (pranayama)

  • Mindfulness, Meditation, & Concentration  (dhyana)

  • Guided Movements (asana)

  • Other Therapeutic Yoga, Functional Movement, and Recreation Therapy Techniques

Spectrum Yoga's Signature Classes

  • Sensory Wind Down©

  • Life Skills Yoga©

  • Strong & Calm ©

  • Family Wind Down©

  • Intro to Yoga

Spectrum Yoga 34.jpeg

Yoga is a great tool and therapeutic by nature; but, it can do more. With extensive training in integrative yoga therapy, functional movement, mental health, and recreation therapy, we do. Spectrum Yoga aims to see students live their happiest, healthiest, and most independent lives as possible.

What's the difference between yoga, therapeutic yoga, and yoga therapy?


The Spectrum Yoga® Method

A Unique Service

Educational | Playful| Specialized

Spectrum Yoga® goes beyond stretch-based and pose-based yoga as you see in many general kids yoga or Occupational Therapy yoga classes.

YOGA POSES DON'T MATTER. Students receive the benefit of poses no matter what they look like in them. And, don't worry about your child having to stay on their mat the entire class - because we don't!

Discover how Spectrum Yoga is unique from any other yoga program, below.

  • Contraindications Awareness and Adaptations (of poses and breathing techniques)

  • Yoga Therapy Techniques for Balancing the Nervous System

  • More Than Poses

  • Individualized

  • Goal-Oriented

  • Life Skills

  • Self-Assessments

  • Fun, Social, & Playful

  • Therapeutic Yoga vs Kids Yoga

  • Specialized Training

Take a Peek Inside a Spectrum Yoga Class

"See" what Spectrum Yoga is all about from a guest photographer and a mother of a son with autism. 

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