Taking Yoga Off the Mat


A therapeutic yoga & mindfulness service dedicated to teaching youth and adults with neurodiversities individualized tools for full life engagement.

Spectrum Yoga is located in the Denver, Colorado area - currently offering classes in Littleton and Highlands Ranch for youth and adults with autism, sensory processing challenges, adhd, anxiety, and unique learning styles. Spectrum Yoga classes are inclusive and the unique curriculum integrates therapeutic yoga and therapeutic recreation for a highly specialized and holistic approach to health, wellness, and independence for all students. Spectrum Yoga brings accessible, purposeful, and individualized yoga and mindfulness techniques with the mission to guide yogis of all abilities in developing life skills they can easily transfer off their mats and into daily life. 

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About the Yoga Classes


Spectrum Yoga engages yogis of varying abilities (ages 4 and up) with fun, purposeful therapeutic yoga practices. Students are empowered with tools for autonomy by learning goal-based

  • Mindfulness & Meditation  (dhyana)
  • Breathwork  (pranayama)
  • Guided Movements (asana)
  • Other Therapeutic Yoga Practices

Small specialty classes allow for:

  • Individualized tools for anxiety, self-regulation, and self-soothing
  • Social interaction 
  • Emotional independence
  • Discovering personal strengths 
  • Empowerment 
  • Support in strength, balance, and coordination



Classes vary from Intro to Yoga for learning how to move our bodies mindfully and safely to Sensory Wind Down for those who need a calm space to de-stress, process the day, self-soothe, and acquire tools to support quality sleep. If you are unsure what class may best fit your child's goals/needs, please inquire with more information and I will gladly guide you.


Download a sharable flyer for anyone you think may benefit from this service.

Benefits of Spectrum Yoga



Mindfulness, breathwork, and other therapeutic yoga techniques support anxiety reduction. There are many tools students can use, most of which can be implemented anywhere and without anyone else noticing.

Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Yoga postures require focus to find our bodies in space and to control movement into a specific position. Through repetition, props and modifications our body awareness can improve.


Through breath, controlled movements, and practice in mindfulness, youth with neurodiversities have lifelong tools for self-regulation of thoughts, feeling, and actions.

Strength, balance & coordination

Strength, Balance & Coordination

 Increasing strength, balance, endurance, and coordination supports motor development, improves posture, can reduce risk of injury, and can increase ability to participate in other physical activities like riding a bike, playing with friends, and participating in gym class. Through poses, breathwork, and other therapeutic yoga practices, students can enhance their bodies and minds for fuller life engagement.

Confidence Booster

Confidence Booster

Challenging ourselves physically, trying new things, and gaining tools for control in various areas are incredibly powerful and transformative.  As we implement yoga off the mat and into our daily lives, we become autonomous and empowered.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is how we perceive the world and our place within it. Yoga has been shown to:

  • Improve sensory processing
  • Enhance sense of personal space
  • Improve gross motor skills
  • Improve the ability to transition from one activity to another
  • Calm the nervous system for processing and organization.

Spectrum Yoga's Values and Philosophy

Core Values

  • Support each student's unique development

  • Provide opportunities for independence in life skills

  • Spectrum Yoga's teaching philosophy

  • The transformative power of therapeutic yoga + mindfulness

  • Build and nurture community parnterships

Teaching Philosophy

  • Support each student's unique  development
  • Listening and communication with each student and parent
  • Allow student to make mistakes
  • Support independence
  • Democratic and "only-when-needed" leadership style
  • Implement life skills
  • Building on strengths and interests
  • Support awareness and adaptation

Spectrum Yoga's therapeutic yoga classes and services are open to everyone and designed for people, aged 4 and up, who have a variety of diverse needs and goals including those with autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, sensory processing disorders, adhd, and learning delays and disabilities. Students do not need a clinical diagnosis to participate in Spectrum Yoga services as we all develop diversely! Spectrum Yoga understands needs and diagnoses do not define any person and look for strengths and interests to craft classes, engage students, and guide journeys. Modifications and adaptions are used to make yoga accessible for everyone.

While every color in the rainbow is independent from the other, each are necessary to create the whole. I look forward to meeting you!