A Fresh Start Cookbook

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A Fresh Start Cookbook is an adaptive, progressive, and picture-based cookbook focusing on health and independence for anyone interested in building, rebuilding, or maintaining cooking skills. It includes:

  • Chained Instructions
  • Pictured Steps
  • 24 real-foods recipes (gluten, casein, and refined sugar free)
  • 3 Supportive Tools allowing individuals to start where they are and progress where preferred
  • Tools for Independence and Safety Progression
  • Educational Worksheets (safety, nutrition, and more)
  • And MORE

About the Authors

Christine has been teaching adaptive cooking classes since 2007 and developing an accessible method of cooking since 2013 which, with the help of Veronica, has evolved into Healthfully Independent. Christine's professional efforts have been towards making health, wellness, and independence accessible to those with varying needs and abilities, and believes access to these key areas are rights everyone deserves.

Veronica has a bachelors of science degree in nutrition and comes from a long line or restauranteurs which she credits for her love of cooking and kitchen savviness. Veronica is passionate about leading and promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle and believes in individualized approaches for each person to thrive. 

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