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Spectrum Yoga®

For people with autism and diverse needs. 


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This isn't your typical yoga!


Spectrum Yoga® is a specialized therapeutic yoga program for youth with autism and related diversities.


At your child’s first class, she/he will learn at least one yoga therapy technique.


Services include community classes, school programming, and private sessions.

Individualized Approach

Signature classes and therapeutic series support a variety of goals specific to those with autism and diverse needs including:

  • Emotional-Regulation

  • Self-Regulation

  • Sleep Support

  • Strength and Balance

  • Anxiety Management

  • Body Awareness

  • And so many more


Small Class Sizes


Spectrum Yoga class sizes are kept small, only six students per class. This allows for individualized care in a group setting, higher quality service, and to ensure a low stim/low sensory environment. Learn more about group class options, here.


Private Sessions

Therapeutic Yoga private sessions are available for anyone ages 5 and up! Specialty packages are available for specific goals and are customized to each individual. Private sessions are taught in the comfort of your home within the Denver-Metro area.


Signature Classes

We offer several sensory-based signature and therapeutic yoga classes to meet common needs for those on the spectrum, including:


Teens Yoga©

Ages 13 - 19


Strong & Calm©

Ages 7 -13


Sensory Wind Down©

Ages 7 - 18


Family Wind Down©

Ages 6+

A four-week series

Spectrum Yoga® goes beyond general kid's yoga classes. This unique program was developed over a two year time-span in close collaboration with parents and students with autism to fine tune its services and approach to both individual and common needs within this community.


Learn more  about Spectrum Yoga on the Behind the Breakththroughs podcast!

Learn more about Spectrum Yoga on the Behind the Breakththroughs podcast!

Spectrum Yoga was voted top 5 special needs classes in Colorado Parent Magazine!

Spectrum Yoga was voted top 5 special needs classes in Colorado Parent Magazine!



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e-Card Decks

Self-Regulation, Calming, and Chair Yoga Decks.

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Social-Emotional Learning Tools

Mindfulness and Assessment Tools.

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Mindful Minis

Brief guided meditations.

Join the Community

Join a community of hundreds of Colorado parents within the autism community, today. Be the first to know about upcoming classes, events, and resources by signing up on the email list!

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Core Services


Signature Yoga Classes

Schools and Programs

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Needs do not define anyone. 

Strengths and interests of each child is used to craft classes, engage students, and to create a positive experience. Spectrum Yoga provides yoga to children and adults, aged 4 and up, who have diverse needs including autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, anxiety, and learning disabilities.  It is not a requirement that your child has a clinical diagnosis as we all develop diversely. While every color in the rainbow is independent from the other, each are necessary to create the whole. I look forward to meeting you and your child!